Product Storage


1. Since Latex is a natural raw material it has to be protected from environmental factors during storage.

2. Please keep the boxes in a well aerated area away from direct sunlight.

3. Protect the boxes from rain, water and moisture.

4. The storage temperature must be between 15°C and 25°C.

5. Keep the boxes upright, arrows pointing to top.

6. Do not place more then 3 boxes on top of each other.

7. Keep the boxes on pallets, avoiding direct contact with the floor or walls.

8. Do not mix boxes from different shipments in the same production. Prefer using the first in first out inventory system with elastic threads.

9. Handle the boxes with care. Do not shake them violently in order to prevent the ribbons to get knotted.

10. Keep closed the top of the boxes you are not using.

11. Do not leave the elastic threads under tension if you are going to stop your production for more then one day.

12. Please provide periodical cleaning and maintenance to your machines.

Even tough, the perfect storage conditions are provided, due to the nature of its raw material, it is possible to observe slight physical changes on the rubber threads over extended periods of storage.